Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lost the Love?

I've not. Yesterday I found an unusual and unexpected patch tick in the form of a Fischer's Lovebird at North Duffield Carrs! Was scanning the marsh when a familiar-ish call rang out - parrot sp! I scanned about but couldn't hear anything and guessed I may have been dreaming when suddenly the small parrot flew into view on the other side of the marsh about 10ft off the ground before landing in the tree right above me! Unfortunately I didn't have my 'proper' camera with me so grabbed a couple of record shots on my phone. After 10 minutes it flew off up the valley towards Skipwith or Thorganby way. It had come across from the Bubwith/Aughton area.

I'm not 100% certain on the status of Fischer's Lovebird in the York Recording Area but will look into it...

Let me know if you've lost your lovebird!

In actual news, and exciting news too, I got my 90th garden tick tonight - a Coot! Night-birding is brilliant! Oh I also went Whimbrel ringing last night. Caught 2 Whimbrel and 2 Redshank (with a further 4 Whimbrel and a Little Grebe caught later in the night - will post more on this later hopefully).


  1. Ha what an usual find...... and a Coot in the garden!? that's a new one on me!

  2. haha yeah a nice surprise all round! The coot flew over as it was doing its nocturnal migration thing! Great stuff!!!

  3. Obviously a vagrant from the Nice area Andy!

    1. Most certainly Chris :-) there had been a southerly blowing for a while now!